Friday, December 11, 2015

Pokémon XY Special: Road to Kalos Hindi Dubbed [HD]

Pokémon XY Special: Road to Kalos in Hindi Dubbed in HD 720p compressed
Ash Ketchum, after ending his journey in Unova and Decolore Islands is on his way towards Kalos Region. In this Japanese Special episode we are revealing some important truth of his past, present and future journeys.

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Name:- pkmnxy_roadtokalos_hin(720p_comp) (e4lyf).mp4
Quality: HD 720p compressed
File Size: 183 MB
Japanese Raw: Internet
Hindi Audios Sources:- E4Lyf Medias Dubbing, Hungama TV dubbing

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Talking Pokémons HINDI episodes

Entertainment For Life Medias In-house Dubbing Originals: The Talking Pokémons Hindi Episodes

Pika-Pika, Pikachu Pika, Pika-Chu, Pika pika pikachu pikaaa-pikaa chu!!

Did you understand the sentence! No, of couse not!! Do you really want to know what Pokémons tell us!!

For the first time in Entertainment4Lyf we are bringing our own in-house dubbed videos.

Snippets where Pokémons talking with each other and on a adventure are taken and are dubbed in Hindi.

Please notice that we are doing it for the first time so the audio may not be clear so please cooperate us.

Episode 01: Corphish Ka Kya Hoga?

Download or Watch: Google Drive(9MB)

Episode 02: Ye Meowth Bhi na?

Download or Watch: Google Drive(17MB)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mega Evolution Specials

Pokémon Special Series: Mega Evolution Specials

Mega Evolution, a form of Pokémon evolution that is all over Kalos Region. This type of evolution occurs only when there is a true bond between the Trainer and the Pokémon. A Pokémon can be mega evolved by using a Key Stone and a Mega Stone.

Mega Evolution Series I

This episode focusses on a trainer named Alain, who was a assistant of Professor Sycamore who is on a adventure to know more about Mega Evolution. He and his mega evolved Charizard battles against many Pokémon that can be mega evolved. He was followed by a young trainer who has got a Chespin as Starter. Alain also had it battle with one of the Elite Four members. But Alain lost his battle. Now they are on their journey to know more about Mega Evolution.

Hindi Episode: Download Here (1080p)

Mega Evolution Series IV

English Episode: Download Here (60mb) (Google Drive) (No CN Logo)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

XY - Kalos Quest

Pokémon Season 18: XY - Kalos Quest

Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie are on their way to the Ash's next gym battle after winning three badges and enjoying the adventures. Many more adventure is yet to come as Serena enters in to the Pokémon Showcase for her dream of becoming the Kalos Queen. Ash still didn't forgot his battle against Clemont after he wins 4 badges. Bonnie is still searching for Clemont's life partner.

Pokémon XY Special Manga

Pokémon Manga Series: Pokémon XY Special Manga

Hinglish Translation by Entertainment For Life Medias

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pokémon Adventures 03 : Gold, Silver and Crystal Chapter

Pokémon Manga Series: Pokémon Adventures 03: Gold, Silver and Crystal Chapter

Original hinglish translations by Pokéverse.

Continuing from Red, Green and Blue & Ruby and Sapphire Chapters
Read or download Red, Green and Blue Chapter here

Chapter 91 (Added on 18 November, 2015)

Google Drive Download Here(1.2MB)

Chapter 92 (Added on 20 November, 2015)

Google Drive Download Here (1.3MB) 

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